vacation module?

oy oy, now i am currently very confused... haish...
i will be flying back to indonesia on sunday, and then suddenly my beloved friend told me about this vacation module thing..

okay, basically vacation module is a class which is actually for the next semester, but ican take it during this holiday. which means i will be free and smart-er during next sem? hahaha, because i've already taken the class. that also means, i have more time to rest or to do other stuff during the class time, and no homework for that class.

this vacation module will commerce on 15th of december.
and i'll be flying back on 30th november.

i am a bit confused , whether i have to take the module or not.
first , it's because i will cut my holiday portion from 1 month plus into 2 weeks only.
hm, only 2 weeks to spend with my family, with my friends (but , actually i am not sure about my friends holiday), and 2 weeks of slacking around. (well, slacking is not an important thing rite?)

the other consideration is this might be the last longest holiday that i can have before i will jump into the working world. next year , i will be having attachment, so i cant go back too long.

and another thing is that i have my beloved friend TANIA which is freshly IMPORTED from USA,, and i havnt seen her for about 1 year already. if lets say i take the module, i will not be able to see her.. because she'll be going to indonesia on 21st dec.

im very confused...
if i take this 2 weeks module, it will help my life for the rest 6 months .. hehehe,,
but if i dont take this module, i can have more memories with my beloved ones back in indonesia.. althought the difference is only 2 weeks..

aargh, thinking too much. spending too many brain cells for such a simple thing..
i am afraid to lose my precious times with my loved ones,, but i also afraid i'll regret if i didnt take the module when i end up just slacking at get bored in my house.

haih... God please give me an express delivery answer from heaven... XP



sitting on my chair during this holiday. nothing to do. actually there's so many things that i can do with my friends. it's just that we are in 'economy crisis'. hahaha, so NO MONEY no fun..

these days i realized that suddenly i became such a RECKLESS person. not taking notes for my expenses, lost track of what i've spent. and the worst thing is that my money ran to the library fines. sounds so reckless. i lost one library book, which actually i didnt really remember wat does the book look like. not only that, i also have huge overdue fines for the national library book which are late for 2 months i think.

how can something like this happen?
too busy ? too lazy? yeah, both of them.
sometimes i am too busy, but mostly it wass because im to lazy to bring over the heavy books to school or because i am too lazy to see the auntie librarian.. *hihihi*

*knock knock knock* i think i have to knock myself for being so reckless and unwise in spending my money. especially in this kind of situation. dollars is rising. mygoodness.

"but God will bless those who loves Him, and He will not leave us behind."